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This page contains answers to questions that people frequently ask me about this site. Please look to see if you’re question is answered here before contacting me. This page is frequently edited with answers to new questions and updates to older questions.

My videos

Are your videos designed as quick topic overviews or more in depth explanations?

So far I’ve found my videos work particularly well as quick topic overviews. I myself have used them to refresh my memory of a topic just before an exam. There not designed to be too in depth for a few reasons:

Having said that, when I add a video to a course page (as opposed to a general topic page) I have made sure to the best of my knowledge that it covers the content on the course specification. My video tutorials are no substitute for teachers who are paid to help students and answer their questions. However, I aim to provide students with a good understanding of a topic when I publish a video.

Will you cover course X now or in the future?

All the courses that the site either currently covers or I’m planning to make videos for in the future are listed on the homepage. However, this doesn’t mean that I won’t make videos for other courses in the future.

Will you make videos going through past paper questions?

Yes, I’ve made some of these videos already. However, at the moment it’s not a priority as I’m focusing on covering all the content that students need to understand in general tutorial videos.

Contributing financially

I’d like to support the project financially on a personal level. How can I do this?

That’s great! You can support me on a monthly basis on Patreon. You can also donate on a one-time or monthly basis via PayPal. Thanks for your support, it means a lot to me.

My company/organisation would like to sponsor the project. How can we do this?

That’s great! Drop me an email and we can discuss the details.

This website

How can I find videos for older specifications?

Go to the homepage then choose your level and exam board. You’ll be redirected to the page for that exam board’s current specification. Look for this link on this page for the older specification you want to look at.